Tuesday, December 5

Is 51st and Green Worth It?

Let’s make this as short as possible! Lounge access is priced at €30 p/p online or €39 at reception and is complimentary to business class ticket holders.

Located just in Terminal 2 after US Preclearance and beside the US departure gates, it is somewhere to enjoy a few hours (we recommend having at least 90min to feel like you are getting value for money) of rest and relaxation before your long-haul flight.

Single Traveler – Worth it ✅

Why? Well if you book online it will only cost you €35.00 if you prebook, which isn’t bad if you have over an hour to kill, want to get comfortable, charge up your devices, and eat a decent bit of food and have a few drinks (alcohol included). Also not a bad place to get a bit of work done before you take off.

Couple Traveling – Worth it ✅

Why? Assuming you have over an hour, want to get a bit of grub, and have a few drinks you can’t really go wrong… you are about to get on a pretty long flight (airplane food isn’t the best if we are being honest) and why not splash a little especially if you are with a partner.

Family of 3 – Almost worth it ⚠️

Why? It is starting to get expensive now and there are no discounts for children, might be worth it if you have a hungry little one and want a little less stress before you jump on the plane.

Family of 3+ – Not worth it ❌

Why? Id avoid. Paying for 4 people will cost you €140.00. Pretty hefty.

Group (Individually paying) – Worth it ✅

Why? Same benefits as traveling on your own but better! The group can relax, have a few drinks, and feast on the food and snacks.

So what’s included?

  • Barista coffee & cocktails
  • Drinks, snacks & fresh Irish dishes with an American twist
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment screen with live sports
  • Shower facilities to freshen up before your flight
  • Quiet space to work with multiple charging units

Authors Note

I happen to travel between Dublin and NYC quite frequently, and I often travel on my own. I always try to buy the most competitively priced flight tickets and try to travel on days when I know I can get a good deal. In saying all that 51st and Green is a treat that I regularly purchase when traveling.

I like the relaxed environment, clean bathrooms, shower facilities, and the food isn’t half bad… yes it could be better, but I know it’s not a restaurant nor is that the main attraction to the lounge. The real benefit to the lounge is peace and quiet on a comfortable chair with the paper on my lap with a fresh Guinness in one hand and a bag of Tayto in the other, now if that isn’t the best way to say goodbye to Ireland I don’t know what is. 🇮🇪 🇺🇸