Wednesday, February 8

Travel Insurance Policy Update: COVID-19

Notwithstanding the CORONAVIRUS EXCLUSION clause on page 5 of the Policy booklet, we are delighted to confirm that Buddy policies now include the following protections for COVID-19. 🦠

Buddy now has you covered for:

  • Up to €10million (up from €6.5m last year) emergency medical expenses cover for Covid-19
  • Unlimited FREE extended trip duration cover (if, due to unexpected circumstances beyond your control)
  • Where medically necessary – repatriation costs to bring you back to the Ireland where it is deemed to be in your best interests   
  • Additional accommodation and repatriation expenses for you, and anyone member of the travel party who has to remain or travel with you
  • Travel expenses, if medically necessary, for a friend or relative to travel from your home area to stay with you
  • Up to €900 hospital benefit payment

With it looking increasingly likely that the HSE will lift some of the current travel restrictions, we know you’ll want to take every possible measure to travel safely and stay healthy whilst you’re away.

So along with the COVID cover outlined above and the recent updates such as including cover for Irish Staycations, and the increase in emergency medical cover from €6.5m to €10m we hope you’ll feel safer traveling. 🎉

At Buddy will continue to explore every way in which we can provide you with the cover you need for the new risks we are all now facing.

Stay safe. Stay well. 🙏